The World is Depending on Us

Sight and Hearing

The Lions are best know for their support of the vision and hearing impared. Back in 1925, Helen Keller asked a new service organization called "The Lions" to take on a grand project of service to those suffering from blindness and deafness. Long story short, the Lions organization grabbed this splendid opportunity, and now it is our tradition to be associated with sight or hearing services. From supporting world wide campaigns to helping individuals locally to get basic services like eye exams and glasses, our club is there. If you, or someone you know, needs glasses or hearing aids and can not afford it, please CONTACT US. If they live in our area, we will aid them directly, and if they don't live here, we will direct them to a Lions Club in their area.

Scholarship Fund

We started a scholarship fund in 1946. Each year we have been able to offers scholarships to students of families living in our service area. The deadline to apply is sometime in April of each year. Application may be downloaded here and at times applications may be made online. Donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductable. If you would like to make a donation please contact us through our CONTACT US page.

Giving Library

The Lions Giving Library accepts gently used preschool through early teenage books. They are sorted and distributed at school visits, summer lunch programs, and homeless events. It is a moving experience to whitnes the pride in children as they start their personal library. Books may be dropped off at ?.

Camp Leo

Camp Leo is the only overnight camp in Western Washington exclusively dedicated to children with Type 1 Diabetes. Camp Leo is an oasis for hundreds of children every summer where they can forget about what seperates them--not because we pretend diabetes doesn’t exist, but because everyone in the camp community shares in their experiences. At camp, diabetes becomes the NORM, not the EXCEPTION! Our club sponsors at least one child each year. If you know of such a youth, please send them our way.

Parade Float

What is more fun then watching a parade? How about being in it. Each year we walk and ride with our float in the West Seattle Seafair Parade. Depending on the time and energy available we work on doing something new with our float each year. If you would like to join in on the fun, reach us through our CONTACT US page.

Pancake Breakfast and Dinners

At various times thoughout the year, we have pancake breakfasts or dinners. The food is prepared by professional and is better then what you will find in the best resturants. Dinners are usually $20 per person with discounts for seniors and children. Pancake breakfasts, a tridition with Lions are usually $7 per person. The money earned through these events funds many of our programs. We never take out so-called administrative costs,so, everything that comes in goes back to the community 100%.

White Cane Days

Once every year, sometime in May, you will see us for a couple days sitting outside a poplular business seeking donations for the Lions Northwest Foundation for the Blind. This money goes toward funding our eye bank where individuals can get corneal transplants.

Annual Banquet

Each year we have an instalation of officers. We will pick out a nice resturant with some entertainment. This is something special for the members. All expenses for this is paid by members own money. This is one way we have fun just for ourselves.